He devotes his musical attention to nature,and is introducing the sounds of kumano to the world. The music has been receiving prasie from chiropractic offices which say the music has an affect on insomnia and anxiety. He is receiving increased attention as a pioneer who opened the music's secret power.

3/11 Piano solo concert in Sakai, Osaka gRequiem of Heaven and Earth ~wasurenaidec(Never forget.)h

His work gRequiem of Heaven and Earth (3.11 the Great East Japan Earthquake requiem) from Piano solo 3rd. Album grlung Purpleh was chosen as 2015-2016 Exhibition program music by Yuzuru Hanyu who is the Olympic gold medalist of figure skating.
He composed and supervised music for g2015 Kinokuni Wakayama National Athletic Meeth
Piano solo concert gRequiem of Heaven and Earth in Miyagih

He was in charge of music in DVD giyashi no Hujisan (healing of Mt. Fuji)h (PONY CANYON) which was released for Mt. Fuji World Heritage Site. He climbed Mt. Fuji and performed the first Musical Offering of the synthesizer there in the world.

His work ginori (prayer)h which was the theme song of Kumano was chosen as background music for oteue (planting) by the Emperor and Empress, at gNational Tree-planting ceremony in Wakayama 2011h.
His works gRED rlungh and gYellow rlungh were chosen as background music at the Osaka hall when the 14th Dalai Lama visited Koyasan University of the 125th anniversary and made a speech.

He was in charge of music in DVD gSuperb view! Mt. Fuji. New Fugaku Sanju rokkei (36 views of Mt. Fuji)h (PONY CANYON).

In charge of music for two new DVDs [Virtual Trip Sakura (Virtual Trip: Cherry Blossom)] released by PONY CANYON.
Worked to spread [Tsuiteru 100 kai Song (Lucky 100 Times Song)]
Supervised music for [Heiwa no Inori Concert (Pray for Peace Concert)] Volume 2 Yukashi Kumano [Inori(Pray)] concert in Wakayama.
USA: Sedona (Arizona) Concert Tour.
Created music for documentary about the movie [Tanki, Senri wo Hashiru (Riding Horse Alone, Running Great Distance)], which was filmed in China, directed by Zhang Yimou, leading actor Ken Takakura, to participate in the Tokyo International Film Festival. The movie and documentary will be played not only in China but all over the world.
Concert with Zachoeje Rinpoche (high-ranking Tibetan Buddhist priest) in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
Performed ceremonies at many temples and shrines throughout Japan.

In charge of music for DVD [Virtual Trip Kumano] (released by PONY CANYON).
Performed at [Rotary International Convention Osaka] at Osaka Dome.
Co-star: Kazuya Yokozawa [Iwabue (stone whistle)] Itchiku Tsujigahana [Kimono (traditional Japanese clothing)] Performed ceremonial music at [Kumano Sekai Isan Touroku Shukuga Houkoku Sai (Kumano World Heritage Inscription Celebration Festival)] in front of Kumano Hongu Taisha main shrine. Co-star: Masanosuke Okura [Taiko (Japanese drum)]
Performed Misho-ryu Ikebana (flower arrangement) Summer School Action at Shin Osaka Mielparque hall.
Co-star: Takaaki Nakayama [Ikebana (flower arrangement)] Performed at [Yakushiji Oto Butai(Yakushiji music stage)] presented by JAL.
Co-star: Gagaku Music (the court music of ancient Japan) Society of Tenri University [Gigaku (ancient Japanese masked dance)], Kantaro Nakamura and other kabuki actors, Jyoshi Jyuni Gakubo (12 Girls Band) [ancient Chinese instrument group], John Ken Nuzzo [Tenor], Marta Devestein [Traditional Hungarian Songs]
Broadcast on MBS/TBS five stations.
Released first ambient music album [rlung*kaze (wind)].

Supervised and performed [Heiwa no Inori (Pray for Peace Concert)] at Wakayama/Wakanoura Art Cube.
Performed as a support musician for [Syukufuku to Jyoka(Blessing & Purification) / Zachoeje Rinpoche (Tibetan Buddhism high-ranking priest) Japan Tour in Wakayama, Osaka, Niigata, Tokamachi City, Gunma]
Performed with Kazuya Yokozawa [Iwabue (stone whistle)] at Kobe to support the Niigata Cyuetsu Earthquake and Typhoon 23 victims charity.
Produced music for Kumano Sekai Isan Kinen Concert(Kumano World Heritage Prayer Concert) / Wakayama Shingu [Zenryuji Takigi no Utage (Zenryuji Firewood Feast)].
Co-star: Sunao Hikita (drum)

Provided sample music with Piano for [Next Generation Digital Content Production Supporting Project / Development of high-minute lossless audio code] at Yoyogi Uehara Musicasa.
Performed at a special event of the 72nd Ibaraki Prefecture Intangible Cultural Asset Preservation [Kanasa Dai Dengaku Opening Commemoration / Hitachi Umi to Yama no Matsuri (Hitachi Festival of Ocean & Mountain)].
Co-star: Masanosuke Okura [Taiko (Japanese drum)], Yukashi (vocals) Performed at [Yukashi Gulf of Tokyo Symphony Cruising Live] sponsored by Trusco.
Co-star: Yukashi (vocals), Tomoya Fujiyama [Cajon]
Produced the sound source of JCDN Dance DVD.
Performed at [Otsuma Matsuri in 2003] at Gokaku in Tokyo.
Co-star: Yukashi (vocals) Tomoya Fujiyama [Cajon] Kenji Yamahira [Niko (Erhu), Haruo Shiiya [Video Jockey]
Produced Wakayama Prefecture World Heritage Promotional Video [Kumano no Mori to Seiryu (Forest of Kumano & clear Stream)] and [Kumano, Kozagawa Monogatari (The Story of Kozagawa in Kumano].
Performed at [Yugakusai (Festival of Play & Fun)] at Japanese Garden / Ruhaitei in Sakai city, Osaka.
Co-star: Kenji Yamahira [Niko (Erhu)]
Directed sound design for CD [LIVE NETWORK HOKURIKU] which was produced by NTT DoCoMo Hokuriku.
Performed at [Kazabito no Matsuri (Wind Man's Festival)] at open-air pavilion in Osaka Hattori Ryokuchi.
Co-star: Hao Lee [traditional Taiwan music]
Started [Otsuma Jyuku (Otsuma School)] in [Mulasia], which is a freelance art studio in Taisho, Osaka.

Released first solo album [for TERRA] (PONY CANYON)
Performed at a second commemorative concert for releasing solo album [for TERRA] by Yasunobu Matuo at Amhall.
In charge of music for DVD [Virtual Trip Hokkaido, Natsu (Virtual Trip: Hoddaido in Summer)] (PONY CANYON)
Performed ceremonial music with Masanosuke Okura at Kumano Hongu Taisha.
Performed at opening act of Volkswagen New Polo announcement show. Played with Tokyo Dageki Dan(Tokyo Drumming Team) [Wadaiko (Japanese drum)] at Shinagawa Intercity Hall.
Founded [O2MA RECORD].
Released first single [Kimi ni aitakatta (I Wanted to See You)].
Performed at concert in Aomori and Odate, Akita.
Co-star: Masanosuke Okura [Taiko (Japanese drum)] Kazuya Yokozawa [Fue (Japanese flute)] Shoji Yoshimura [drum].
Provided music named [Kiseki no Daichi (Miracle of the Earth)] for the album [Bathtime Music] by Kenji Yamahira [Niko (Erhu)]
Performed at Misho-ryu Ikebana (flower arrangement) Summer study called [Kyo to Jitsu (Truth and Falsity)].
Co-star: Korean Traditional Dance Group Podulfe at Osaka Mielparque Hall.
Performed at [Yamato Uta (The ancient Japanese Song) #1] presented by O2MA RECORDS at Yoyogi Uehara Musicasa in Tokyo.
Performed at [Yamato Uta(The ancient Japanese song)#2] at cafe restaurant named [Omamori (The Lucky Charm)] in Daikanyama.
Co-star: Yukashi (vocals)

In charge of music for the DVD [Virtual Trip Sakura Chapter 2 (Virtual Trip: Cherry Blossom Chapter 2)] (PONY CANYON).
Created first solo album [for TERRA] (PONY CANYON).
Performed commemorative concert at Amhall for releasing solo album [for TERRA]by Yasunobu Matsuo.
In charge of music for the DVD [Virtual Trip: Yakushima 2] (PONY CANYON)

In charge of music for [Itchiku Noh/Mizuhime Shinwa (Water Princess Mythology)] with Masanosuke Okura (drum) at [Kubota Itchiku Art Museum] in Kawaguchiko.
Performed with Mr. Kyutaro Hashioka [Shite Mai (Noh dance)] and Yoshida Brothers [Tsugaru shamisen (three-stringed Japanese banjo)].
In charge of music for the DVD [Virtual Trip Shirakami (Virtual Trip: White God)] with Himekami (Princess God).
In charge of music for the DVD [Virtual Trip Biei Furano Snow Fantasy] and [Virtual Trip: Kushiro Shiretoko (Frozen Land)] (PONY CANYON).
Created music and CD of original music for the Senboku sukiyanen (I Love Senboku) team which participated in the year 2000 World Ethnic Entertainment Festival in Sakai City, Osaka.
Provided music for [The 11th CS Design Awards] at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.
Created background music for The 13th MBS Mainichi Broadcasting JAL Stage Special in Kyoto [Kiyomizudera Oto Butai (Kiyomizudera Music Stage)].
Directed music and performed at Kimono Fashion Show Japan Tour [Kimonode Mukaeru Nihon no Oshogatsu (Welcoming Japanese New Year with Kimono)].
Performed at Year 2000 Nighttime Lights Up Special Opening Commemorative Concert [Gardening by Yasuo Kitayama <Kogetu> with Music & Light Collaboration] in Kodaiji, Kyoto.
Performed at [Dom Perignon to tanoshimu Nippon to asobou (Enjoy Dom Perignon, Enjoy Japan.] in Nijojo, Kyoto.

In charge of music for TV program [Nihon no mori monogatari(Forest Story in Japan] on Kansai TV broadcasting.
Performed at [Hi, Ten, Gen, Sou (Fry, Heaven, Illusion, Notion)] at Silkway Nichihara in Shimane.
Co-star: Masanosuke Okura [Taiko (Japanese drum)], Kazuya Yokozawa [Iwabue (Stone Whisle)]
Provided music and performed at [Itchiku Tsujigahana] / [Maimu (Dancing, clothing, dreaming) '99] by Itchiku Kubota.
Co-star: Masanosuke Okura [Taiko (Japanese drum)].
In charge of music for DVD/VHS [Virtual Trip Kyoto no aki/Kyoto no kouyou (Virtual Trip: Autumn in Kyoto / Fall Colors in Kyoto)].
In charge of music for DVD/VHS [Virtual Trip: Atsumi] (PONY CANYON)